Some Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program...

Q. What information is required to park in your retail partner locations?

We have a trusted relationship with some of the most successful retail partners across the country and want to ensure we only allow clean, professional trucks with appropriate licensure to park in their lots. We therefore require copies of the following documentation prior to approval.  
  • Current Business Licence
  • Certificate of insurance
  • ​Food Safety Certification
  • ​Proof of Fire Marshal Inspection

Q. How do you select retail partner locations?

Our goal is to help food trucks park in locations where customer traffic already exists. We, therefore, we work with retail stores, grocery partners and national chains. If you would like to recommend a retail partner please email us at 

Q. Do you offer day to day booking?

We offer trucks the flexibility of parking on a day to day or weekly basis. This flexibility allows you to select multiple locations in one month or simply select a permanent location, set up shop and park there all month long. 

Q. What is the cost of booking?

Registration for our program is completely free.  Once you are registered and approved to operate, you will be allowed to access our online retail scheduler. There you will find 125+ locations that range from $35-$65 per day to park. 

The best part is we don't take a percentage of sales so everything you sell, you keep! Once you book the lot, it is reserved so you won't have competing trucks parking at your same location the day you book.
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